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Why Every Business Needs in a First Aid Kit

May 27, 2023

Whether your employees come to work in an office space, bakery, or warehouse, you can help keep them safe by maintaining a well-stocked business first aid kit. To make sure you’re prepared for injuries or accidents, you need to have more than just band-aids on hand. Discover key items to include in your business’s first aid kit from the experts at Specialized Health and Safety. 

How to Stock a First Aid Kit for a Business  

Workplace injuries come in many forms. To make sure your business is prepared for whatever comes your way, keep a range of first aid supplies in your kit.  

graphic listing the best items to stock in a business first aid kit


While a single box of band-aids alone isn’t sufficient for stocking a business first-aid kit, bandages are a must-have. To be prepared for a variety of injuries, include multiple shapes and sizes of bandages. In addition to small band-aids, include larger adhesive bandages. Put plenty of gauze and medical tape in the kit to help cover open wounds that might need more than a band-aid for sufficient cover.  

Wound Cleaning Supplies  

First aid kits for businesses shouldn’t just have bandages to cover wounds—they should also have supplies to clean them. Antiseptic wipes or sealed, moistened towelettes are two good options for easy wound cleaning. The kit should also provide medical gloves for whoever is cleaning and bandaging the wound to help prevent contamination and infection.   

Injury Care  

Strains, falls, and repetitive-use injuries are common in the workplace. Your kit should be outfitted to address these issues as well. Large triangular bandages can be used as slings, and you should have splints on hand to help stabilize injured or broken areas before further medical attention can be received.   

Burn Treatments  

Burns are another common workplace injury. Many industrial supply companies sell first aid kits specifically designed to address burns, which may be worthwhile to include in your business first aid kit. These burn kits should be stocked with instant cold packs, gel-soaked burn treatments and dressings, and blankets in case of shock. Milder burns may be able to be treated on-site, while more severe burns will require emergency attention.   

Resuscitation Equipment  

According to OSHA, around 10,000 workplace cardiac arrests occur annually in the United States. It’s important to have the proper resuscitation equipment in your first aid supplies to deal with this issue. That means a resuscitation bag, airway, or pocket mask that can be used in cases where CPR is required. A simple reminder sheet on the steps for proper CPR should also be included.   

Tips on Maintaining Business First Aid Kits  

When it comes to staying prepared with a first aid kit for your business, stocking it and forgetting it is not the best approach. Your first aid kit requires thoughtful and regular maintenance to ensure it remains as effective as possible.  

Put It in a Convenient Location

The first step for keeping your business first aid kit in tip-top shape is making sure you keep it in a convenient location. It won’t do your employees any good if no one can find it when it’s needed the most. Keep it in a labeled, central location, and make sure all employees are informed of where it is, how to access it, and what it contains.   

Keep It Stocked 

Keep your business first aid kit well-stocked over time. That means refilling it after each use. Consider keeping a checklist of the items your kit includes and performing regular inspections to make sure everything is in order.   

Consider Business-Specific Needs. 

Make sure your business first aid kit is stocked in accordance with the needs or requirements of your industry. For example, if your business has a kitchen, you might need more supplies for treating cuts and minor burns than an office building would. Think about how to optimize your kit for the specific needs of your employees.   

Invest in Employee CPR Training  

To make sure your workplace is truly prepared to deal with any injuries or emergencies, invest in company-wide first aid training for your employees. Specialized Health and Safety is experienced in providing CPR and first aid classes to businesses and organizations in a variety of industries, including electrical, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and schools.  

We can arrange classes for large or small groups. Reach out today to learn more about how we can meet your needs for business safety.