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What Equipment Will You Need for CPR Training?

May 19, 2020

When it comes to CPR training, the best hands-on training is given when the instructor and their students have the best available equipment. Specialized Health and Safety has everything you need to conduct a CPR training session to a variety of audiences.

Laerdal CPR Manikin

The Laerdal CPR Manikin has been the preferred CPR training tool in the healthcare industry and educational settings since they were first introduced over 60 years ago. The first manikin was called Resusci Anne or Rescue Anne and was dubbed the “Mother of CPR”. Since her introduction, an estimated 500 million people have learned critical life-saving skills using the manikin.

We have adult and infant manikins available for training. Rental for our Laerdal CPR Manikins is $12 a day if you pick them up and drop them off, or $15 a day if you would prefer us to deliver and pick up.

AED Trainers

An AED trainer is a “non-shocking” replica of an automated external defibrillator. AED trainers give instructors the ability to train students the proper AED use in a variety of emergency situations safely. They mimic all of the features of a functioning AED without delivering a shock.

You can rent AED Trainers for the same price as our manikins; just $12 a day if you pick up and drop off or $15 a day for us to deliver and pick up the device.

Bag Masks and Pocket Masks

A bag valve mask (BVM) is used to deliver life-saving oxygen to a patient’s lungs and can be used almost anywhere. This mask is widely used as a manual resuscitator because of its self-inflating properties. Training for these life-saving masks is very important because they can accelerate hypoxia or worsen an airway obstruction if used incorrectly.

A pocket mask is another mask used to deliver rescue breaths during an emergency cardiac event or respiratory arrest. As opposed to the bag value masks, it is a smaller, more portable version and requires two hands to operate. While it often isn’t as convenient as the bag value mask, using both hands creates a superior seal on the patient’s face and the masks are simpler to store, often meaning they are more widely available. This means it’s important for emergency responders and educators to learn to use both mask styles.

Pocket masks are just $2 a day per mask to rent and bag masks are $5 per day.


At Specialized Health and Safety, we offer the highest quality equipment available for rental. Our equipment is meticulously maintained and available seven days a week, night or day. For all of our equipment, you can pick it up or we can deliver directly it to you. Contact us to learn more.