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Summer Camping Trip Safety Checklist

April 18, 2022

Camping is an amazing experience to share with friends or family during the summer. From pitching a tent to roasting s’mores, being surrounded by wildlife is comforting in its own way. Though camping is a rewarding experience, there are plenty of things that you should prepare for before setting out. Along with creating a checklist of things to bring when you leave to go camping, safety should be your first priority when preparing for your camping trip.

Summer Camping Tips


Avoiding wild animals is always your safest bet when camping. To keep them away, make sure to store your food in sealed containers and in a safe place where animals can’t reach it.


As you probably already know, bugs are a big issue when camping outdoors. Being prepared with bug repellent, specifically one that contains DEET, is always a good idea. Spray this repellent on all your clothes and exposed skin. Whenever possible, wear clothes that cover most of your skin to help prevent ticks.


Store your food in sealed, waterproof containers, or even insulated coolers. To prevent diseases or the spread of germs, make sure to always wash or sanitize your hands before touching your food.


Everyone loves a good campfire—it’s where the best memories are made. However, if not built properly, it can become dangerous. Be sure to keep your bonfire away from trees and overhanging branches, especially dead ones. Don’t leave it unattended, and make sure that the fire is completely out before leaving your campsite or going to sleep.

Camping Safety Checklist

Before setting out to camp, make a checklist of things that you need to bring with you:

  • Sunscreen: even if you’re not camping in warm weather, there is still a chance of getting sunburnt
  • Insect repellant: bugs are everywhere—be prepared with DEET repellent when camping outdoors.
  • Shelter: everyone knows to bring a tent or a camper, but in emergencies, bringing a tarp can also come in handy
  • First Aid: slivers from firewood, a nasty bug bite, or a skinned knee—all can be treated with a basic first aid kit
  • Food and Water: always pack more than you need
  • Tools: bring a flashlight, fire starter, a car repair kit, tools, and even a GPS
  • Clothes: bring some extra clothes, especially warm and waterproof clothing


Safe Summer Camping

Camping is a lot of fun when done safely and properly. Nature is beautiful and deserves respect, which is why cleaning up after you’re done camping is an important and well-known rule. Follow the Leave No Trace Principles to ensure you’re cleaning up properly.

Safety should be your priority when preparing to go camping, and bringing the necessary supplies will help a lot in the long run. Knowing basic first aid and getting CPR certified can also help you be prepared for any camping emergencies. At Specialized Health and Safety Management, we offer a variety of classes on CPR, first aid, basic life support, and more. Sign up for one of our courses today, and stay prepared for anything!