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Personal Trainers and First Aid Training

January 20, 2019

As a personal trainer, the last thing you want is a client passing out, falling and breaking something, pulling a muscle—or worse—going into cardiac arrest. What’s worse still is if trainers don’t have the skills to respond properly and give clients the attention they need until medical attention arrives. Personal trainers are often pushing their clients to their limits when it comes to endurance and stamina—that means even healthy young adults aren’t exempt from cardiac arrest.

Often times, gyms, studios, and fitness facilities require instructors and trainers to have CPR, AED, and/or first aid training certifications. However, if they don’t, trainers should take it upon themselves to get the training they need. Getting certified through the Specialized Health and Safety is a great idea. Trainers can never be certain how clients will react to a training session—whether during or after. Clients bring with them all sorts of potential undisclosed health issues. Even if there is no underlying health issue, certain exercises may affect clients differently, especially if they haven’t eaten, are dehydrated, feel under the weather, or are not accustomed to particular exercises. Trainers must also take into consideration that they are pushing clients beyond their limits.

While something as serious as cardiac arrest may not be common on the job, other injuries like light sprains can occur, or even lightheadedness. A basic course in first aid training will help personal trainers and fitness instructors learn basic skills to assist clients in the case of health issues or emergencies. After all, trainers may be the only ones in the facility that can assist in a dire situation.

Learning first aid as a personal trainer could be the difference between life and death in a gym or studio. If you’d like to schedule a training for your gym, we would love to help you! Give us a call at 320-248-3679 or email us at Susie@specializedhealthandsafety.com