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Pediatric CPR Training for Babysitters

April 3, 2019

In a recent pediatric CPR and first aid class we taught for daycare providers, there was a fifth grader in attendance. The reasoning? “I want an up on my competition.” As a babysitter in the community, it was a smart move and we couldn’t help but smile!


We all hope that we won’t have to deal with an emergency situation with a child, such as needing to save a choking baby or administering CPR to a child. Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen. Babysitters should be prepared, whether they are a fifth grader or a senior citizen.


Statistics show that parents are much more comfortable with a babysitter that has first aid and CPR training. They’re also more likely to pay them more. Babysitters with extra training like this are in high demand, so earning babysitter certifications is important.


Babysitters can also take it one step further by enrolling in a Pediatric CPR and First Aid course like the one offered by Specialized Health and Safety. This will allow them to receive more than just a babysitter certification, but certifications in CPR and Pediatric First Aid as well. Not only will babysitters learn how to be reliable, trustworthy, and capable, they’ll also be safe and certified.