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Is Your Summer Camp Counselor CPR/First Aid Certified?

April 16, 2019

If you’re sending your kids off to summer camp this year, you’re probably hoping for a certain level of expertise from the camp counselors. You want to know that they have been counselors for years, that they’ve dealt with emergency situations, and that they have some sort of training. Of course, camp counselors are going to be pros at building fires and assembling the perfect s’mores with your little campers, but ideally your camp counselors will have certifications in first aid and CPR, or even lifeguard training if you’re lucky.


Camp counselors are not required to be CPR or first aid certified. However, when youth counselors are selected for their positions, it is highly recommended that they have this sort of training. Camp counselors need to be prepared for a slew of difficult situations that may arise as they oversee children’s activities. Theirs is a crucial role, as parents trust camp counselors to care for their children throughout the duration of their stay. In some cases, camp can last more than a month.


Individuals can take first aid/CPR/AED courses designed specifically for camp counselors. They will learn how to handle pediatric emergencies. Whether it’s a small cut from a rock, a lightly sprained ankle from playing tag, or something more serious like a negative food reaction, camp counselors will be trained so they are well-equipped to handle the situation. They’ll learn about a variety of emergency situations and cover topics like: how to operate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), choking, CPR, anaphylactic shock, and basic first aid.


Before you send your child to summer camp, check with the facility to see if the camp counselors have certification in first aid and CPR. You want your children to enjoy eating Oreos with peanut butter like in the Parent Trap or masterminding shenanigans like in Addams Family Values, not spending it sick, or worse, coming home early.