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Info and Tips: Safety Rocks at Summer Festivals

June 25, 2018

No summer is complete without at least taking in a music festival, strolling an art fair, or attending a carnival or state fair. Assembling your friends and attending a concert is what summer memories are made from, but without proper safety precautions, those moments might not be memorable in the good way. Here are few safety tips for summer festivals to ensure the only thing rock and rolling is the music you’re enjoying!

Tips for Groups with Kids:

  • Prepare the kids—things will go much smoother if your child knows that the environment is going to be busy and full of people.

– Make a set of rules and make sure your kids know them

– Make sure the kids are aware of what the dangers are

  • Plan for Safety

– Bring a first-aid kit

– Research and find the first-aid tent—every festival, carnival, or fair will have one.

– Put your phone number and contact information in your child’s pocket in case of separation

– Identify the security guards when you arrive and point them out to the kids

– Take a picture of your kids to use for searching in case you get split up

  • Group Safety

– Designate leaders if you’re traveling in a big group so everyone knows who to look for if they get separated

– Make sure everyone in the group has proper safety materials

Things you should bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • First-aid kits
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Loose, cool clothing

Tips for Groups of Adults:

Besides tips for safe partying, which you probably already know, keep in mind that festivals attract large crowds and that can be dangerous on its own. Stick with your group and use the buddy system! Here are a few first-aid safety tips to keep in mind as well:

Stay Hydrated

  • When you’re combining heat, physical activity, and alcohol, there’s a good chance for dehydration. Drink water! Hang out in the shade.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather: sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and loose clothing will help in the sun

Identify Important Safety Measures

  • Find the First-aid tent and make sure everyone in the group knows where it is
  • Identify security
  • Come up with a buddy system and stick together
  • Learn your way around
  • Protect your ears with earplugs

Identify Heatstroke

  • Know what the symptoms of heatstroke are
  • Be prepared with ice packs or water
  • Get to the shade

Follow these safety tips and enjoy your summer activities, whether you’re adulting or having fun kid-friendly fun!