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First Aid in the Office

February 2, 2020

If you work in a traditional office space—complete with cubicles and boring meetings in swanky conference rooms—you may be wondering why you would possible ever need first aid training. The worst that could happen is a minor papercut, right?




Not to be the bearer of bad news, but a lot could happen to you and your coworkers in your office setting. Someone could fall down the steps and break their ankle, a high heel could break and send someone falling into a glass table, or someone could slip on the ice in the parking lot. You must also consider the fact that you don’t know what sorts of conditions and diseases your coworkers may be living with. Perhaps you work alongside someone with epilepsy, and they begin to have an intense seizure in the middle of a meeting. Would you know what to do?


It’s important to partake in first aid training as a team in order to make your office a safe workplace. In just a few short hours of training, you’ll learn how to deliver potentially life-saving care. Each course is different, and may be customized based upon the needs of your office, but a standard first aid course typically covers personal safety, CPR, choking, bleeding, burns, poisoning, and other common workplace injuries.



Performing CPR can be the difference between life or death. Performing CPR while waiting for medical personnel to arrive is crucial in countless circumstances, like cardiac arrest, choking, or unresponsiveness.



During first aid classes, you may be taught the Heimlich maneuver or other methods to help a choking coworker. You will also learn the signs that a person is choking.


Burns and Cuts

You will be taught about the different levels in severity of burns and cuts. Courses will teach you how to bandage a cut to slow or stop the bleeding, and how you should treat burns.


Poisoning and Allergic Reactions

If you or a coworker experience poisoning at work, first aid training will help you learn what to do. The most important thing to remember is the poison control number, which is (800) 222-1222. If a coworker is exposed to an allergen and has a reaction, you’ll want to know how to use an EpiPen.


Medical Conditions

First aid training courses will also cover common issues, like understanding the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, a stroke, or a seizure. These may be caused by underlying medical conditions that you’re unaware your coworkers suffer from, so it’s good to have an understanding of them and how to handle the situation.


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