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Choosing the Right CPR Manikin: Features and Considerations

August 25, 2023

There is no better way to keep yourself and others safe than learning the skills necessary to be prepared for anything. One of the most common and useful skills to learn is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR.  

While CPR is a critical, life-saving skill, it can be tricky to teach. Using the right tools—such as a CPR manikin—for CPR instruction keeps trainees and instructors safe while maximizing the benefits of training and ensuring all trainees are prepared during an emergency.  

Manikins for CPR Training  

Among other tools, CPR manikins and manikins are used to realistically replicate real-life situations and provide instruction trainees can use to prevent common mistakes when administering CPR. During CPR courses, each trainee should have access to their own manikin so they can practice as long as they need to ensure the success of their training.  

Infographic describing the considerations when choosing a CPR Manikin

Manikin Features for CPR Classes 

There are several different types of CPR manikins to choose from. Manikins range from basic to more advanced models, with each offering different add-ons and features. Basic manikin models are typically less realistic and emphasize basic training, while more advanced models are more realistic and lifelike—perfect for more advanced training techniques.  

Both basic and advanced manikins come in a range of shapes, sizes, and skin tones, and most manikins can be customized according to the needs of your CPR course.  For example, some manikins are designed to look like children, which can be crucial in teaching the differences between adult and pediatric CPR. More advanced CPR manikins can even integrate advanced technology, like a Quality Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (QCPR) audio/visual feedback device. 

CPR Manikin Rental Companies  

When looking for a CPR manikin rental, make sure you consider all your available options. Be aware of your budget, but don’t immediately jump on the cheapest manikin. Do your research on the renter to ensure they are a reliable, respected business with experience selling health and safety-related products. Check out the renter’s online reviews or talk with others who have rented from them. If a manikin looks like a good fit for your CPR course, rent it and see how it performs during regular instruction. If the manikin performs well, you can confidently establish a long-term relationship with that renter, otherwise return it and find another model that better suits your needs.  

Choosing a CPR Manikin Rental   

Not every CPR manikin will work for every type of CPR class. Some features lend themselves well to certain types of training while other features may just get in the way. When selecting a CPR manikin, consider how the manikin will be used. For example, a CPR class for children should utilize more basic manikins, as children might struggle to use more advanced features.  

The best manikin for your CPR training course will depend on the specifics of your curriculum. Remember: CPR has changed throughout the years, so make sure manikins you purchase or rent meet modern industry standards. 

The Importance of CPR   

CPR is a key element of a comprehensive health and safety skillset. Not only does DPR certification require it, but CPR trainees can greatly benefit from firsthand practice with even the most basic manikins. 


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