Outdated First Aid Techniques You Didn’t Know Were Outdated

Rusty and old first aid kit on a diamond print background

We make new scientific discoveries every day, from water on other plants to new functions of human organs. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that first aid techniques that were once considered standard have changed as we learn more about health and the human body. Whether previously trusted facts and evidence were proven false, or new, evidence-based treatments have

Emergency Response Plans for Your Office

Fire extinguisher of office stairwell wall.

Your office should have an emergency response plan to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors. When an on-going emergency response plan (ERP) is in place, you need to quickly give instructions to anyone present in the building. Inform them whether they should evacuate, find shelter, shelter in place, or go into lock-down mode. Creating Emergency Response Plans Communication

When to Use Ice or Heat on an Injury

Woman icing ankle injury with an ice pack.

Bump and bruises are an inevitable part of life, so it’s always good to understand basic first aid. When it comes to minor injuries, heat treatment and cold treatment can be instrumental in healing—but how do you know whether you should use heat or cold therapy on your injury? Injury Treatment Icing your injury will help reduce swelling, inflammation, and

CPR and First Aid Safety During COVID Surges and Flu Season

Man in winter gear outside, coughing.

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to adapt our routines and daily lives to a new reality. While vaccinations have been helpful in combatting the pandemic, the rise of new COVID-19 variants means life isn’t quite “back to normal.” As we continue into year three of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to understand how safety precautions surrounding CPR and first aid

Pneumonia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A doctor analyzes an x-ray of the child’s lungs.

In Minnesota, winter means different things to its diverse residents. For some, it means spending hours fishing upon frigid ice. To others, it means skiing down powered slopes. For some, it’s hibernating with hot cocoa under warm blankets until spring arrives. The one aspect of winter which unites Minnesotans is the advent of cold and flu seasons. However, in today’s

Outdoor Exercise Tips for the Winter

Cross country skiing for winter exercise.

Winter is here, and there’s a chance it might complicate your exercise routine. Fortunately, there are ways to get around the cold and keep exercising during the winter. It’s time to put on some extra layers and take control of the chilly weather—the cold might change a lot of things in Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean it should change the

Signs and Symptoms of Hypothermia

A man holds a handful of fresh snow in palm.

Minnesota winters are blissful, idyllic scenes of hoarfrost and poofy white snowdrifts—at least until you step out the door. Then weather becomes a vicious monster looking to gnaw off your fingers, toes, and any other bits of exposed skin. It’s no secret that our winters are tough, and with 62 cold-related deaths in Minnesota in 2019, it’s especially important to

Could Your Office Benefit from a First Aid Kit?

Woman bandaging her finger.

Does your workplace need a first aid kit? The short answer is “yes, absolutely.” There aren’t many industries that wouldn’t benefit from having a well-stocked first aid kit on the premises. The nature of emergencies is that they can happen anywhere and at any time, so whether you work at a law firm or an advertising agency, it’s important to

Benefits of Blended CPR Training

Girl on a video call, online learning.

Blended CPR training courses offer a combination of in-person and online learning to allow students to complete their CPR certification. The concept of blended learning is nothing new, but its popularity has surged in the time of COVID and social distancing. While the structure of blended learning classes may differ from company to company, most courses usually involve an online

First Aid for Choking Children

Toddler with mouth open, about to chew on toy bear.

Young children will put just about anything into their mouth—it’s how they explore. While it’s an important step in developing their sensory motor skills, this habit also poses a choking hazard for the little tykes. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver for children, knowing basic first aid for a choking child is essential in case of an emergency. Preventing