First Aid for Bruises: Care, Tips, and Healing

child bruise elbow

Everyone has had one at one point or another. We’re all prone to bump into something or trip from time to time. And it’s not just a problem for those of us who are abnormally clumsy or for growing kids.   Bruising occurs when your skin experiences a type of trauma. The injury causes tiny blood vessels in your skin

How Your Seasonal Allergies Can Change Throughout Your Life

allergies long grass

Seasonal allergies are some of the most chronic and common ailments throughout the world. While you might think of them as something children suffer from and grow out of, allergies can range from troublesome to chronic and develop well into adulthood. The most common allergy symptoms are itchy eyes, cough, and a runny nose.   Allergy Tolerances Change Over Time

Protecting Kids Against Sunburn: Staying Safe All Year Round

close up of a child's shoulder with sunburn and tan lines

The official “Dog Days” of summer might be over, but August, September, and even October can still host days with dangerous UV index levels. As you head to the beach on the 90-degree day in July, sunburn might be on your mind, but as the temperatures cool, many parents become laxer with sunburn prevention and safety. Moreover, sunburn isn’t always

Recognizing the Symptoms and Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Close up of elderly man having a heart attack

It is estimated that a heart attack takes place in the United States every 40 seconds. Having a heart attack is a serious medical emergency. Since they are often unexpected, it’s important to recognize the symptoms and treat them as soon as possible. Not all heart attacks present themselves in the same way. Some come on suddenly and are intense,

What Equipment Will You Need for CPR Training?

CPR class

When it comes to CPR training, the best hands-on training is given when the instructor and their students have the best available equipment. Specialized Health and Safety has everything you need to conduct a CPR training session to a variety of audiences. Laerdal CPR Manikin The Laerdal CPR Manikin has been the preferred CPR training tool in the healthcare industry

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Coronavirus

kids coronavirus masks

All this talk about Coronavirus can get scary. Even adults aren’t exactly sure what’s going on, how to move forward, or what life is going to be like over the next weeks, months, or even a few years. So, of course, talking to your children about their health and safety is especially difficult during this time. To help you speak

Avoiding Work-Related Injuries While Working from Home

Work From Home Office

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone has had to change the ways they go about their day. Those lucky enough to still have their jobs are adapting the ways they work to accommodate safety standards. This might mean social distancing and wearing a mask, or for those working from home, it means an entirely new way of working. While the

Safety Tips for Essential Workers During the Pandemic

Woman in Face Mask

It seems like the guidelines and tips to protect yourself from catching the Coronavirus change faster than we can keep up with them. This is mainly because news organizations and the CDC want to avoid giving out the wrong instructions or causing people too much worry. It’s also tough to know the best course of action when the U.S. as

Kansas Courts Reach Major EpiPen Decision – What Does it Mean for Consumers?

Last month, a major court decision in Kansas has offered an opportunity for EpiPen consumers. US District Judge Daniel Crabtree decided to allow a lawsuit over EpiPen price hikes brought about by pharmaceutical giants Mylan NV and Pfizer. According to–the National Public Radio affiliate in Kansas–Mylan NV gained the right to distribute the EpiPen in 2007, utilizing Pfizer as

Basic First Aid for Your Child’s Minor Scrapes and Cuts

Kids get cuts and scrapes. It’s a regular part of childhood. Likewise, worrying about your child comes with the job of being a parent. Knowing what to do when your child gets hurt is just one more way you can prepare for the inevitable bicycle crash, knee scrape, or roughhousing injury. Basic Treatment for Minor Cuts and Scrapes If your