Treating Three Types of Bleeding

Most people know how to treat a papercut or a nick with a kitchen knife, but what about a wound that’s more serious? Depending on the size and location of an injury, blood loss will look different in volume, speed, and color. Knowing how to identify and treat the main types of blood loss can be the information that saves

Child Safety and Protection Month

November is Child Safety and Protection Month, which focuses on raising awareness of potential dangers children face, both inside the home and out. American children make an estimated 30 million visits to the emergency room annually, and many of those visits are due to accidental injury. Learning how to recognize and reduce potential dangers to children is key to protecting

Cold Weather Safety and First Aid

There are plenty of unpleasant things supplied by the colder months—holiday traffic, less daylight, and cabin fever, just to name a few—but winter also brings serious dangers. As temperatures drop and the snow piles up, it’s important to know how to treat cold-related injuries and conditions in case of an emergency. Slips and Falls We’ve all encountered those pesky invisible

Halloween Safety During COVID-19

Halloween Skeleton with paper mask

Happy Quarantine! Er, Halloween. There is no denying that the holidays will look different this year. With the spread of the Coronavirus, Halloween safety and our regular traditions are being questioned—are they safe? The CDC advises against high-risk activities like trick-or-treating and crowded parties, and for kids (and probably a good number of adults), that’s hard to hear. That’s not

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Female Doctor Holding Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the second-most common type of cancer, just after skin cancer. While the medical community has made great strides in treating it, it’s still extremely important to be aware of and educated about the signs and risk factors. As October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we figured it’d be good to have an honest conversation.   What

First Aid for Bruises: Care, Tips, and Healing

child bruise elbow

Everyone has had one at one point or another. We’re all prone to bump into something or trip from time to time. And it’s not just a problem for those of us who are abnormally clumsy or for growing kids.   Bruising occurs when your skin experiences a type of trauma. The injury causes tiny blood vessels in your skin

How Your Seasonal Allergies Can Change Throughout Your Life

allergies long grass

Seasonal allergies are some of the most chronic and common ailments throughout the world. While you might think of them as something children suffer from and grow out of, allergies can range from troublesome to chronic and develop well into adulthood. The most common allergy symptoms are itchy eyes, cough, and a runny nose.   Allergy Tolerances Change Over Time

Protecting Kids Against Sunburn: Staying Safe All Year Round

close up of a child's shoulder with sunburn and tan lines

The official “Dog Days” of summer might be over, but August, September, and even October can still host days with dangerous UV index levels. As you head to the beach on the 90-degree day in July, sunburn might be on your mind, but as the temperatures cool, many parents become laxer with sunburn prevention and safety. Moreover, sunburn isn’t always

Recognizing the Symptoms and Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Close up of elderly man having a heart attack

It is estimated that a heart attack takes place in the United States every 40 seconds. Having a heart attack is a serious medical emergency. Since they are often unexpected, it’s important to recognize the symptoms and treat them as soon as possible. Not all heart attacks present themselves in the same way. Some come on suddenly and are intense,

What Equipment Will You Need for CPR Training?

CPR class

When it comes to CPR training, the best hands-on training is given when the instructor and their students have the best available equipment. Specialized Health and Safety has everything you need to conduct a CPR training session to a variety of audiences. Laerdal CPR Manikin The Laerdal CPR Manikin has been the preferred CPR training tool in the healthcare industry