Difference Between CPR and AED Training

CPR and AED are two different actions to take when trying and save someone’s life. When a person goes into cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating. That means that within a few minutes of their vital organs not receiving oxygenated blood, that person will lose their life. Some options for saving their life include performing CPR and using and AED.

Info and Tips: Safety Rocks at Summer Festivals

No summer is complete without at least taking in a music festival, strolling an art fair, or attending a carnival or state fair. Assembling your friends and attending a concert is what summer memories are made from, but without proper safety precautions, those moments might not be memorable in the good way. Here are few safety tips for summer festivals

Water Safety for a Cool Summer

Summer is finally here; the weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and everyone wants to be outside. Keeping cool in the summer heat is critical for safety and for comfort alike. There’s nothing better for keeping cool and enjoying summer than a good swim! There are plenty of benefits to water activity but it’s also important to

Top 5 Ways Movies Mess up CPR

Movies and medicine have a dicey past. Movies and television rely on emotional impact and dramatic appeal but medicine insists on facts and accuracy. Trying to merge the two can make for interesting dramatizations of medical practices. No element of medical drama shows this differentiation quite like CPR in Hollywood. For most people, CPR only exists in movies and T.V.

Playgrounds and First Aid Safety

Now that the weather is warm and kids are preparing for summer vacation, the neighborhood playground is about to become a hub of childhood activity. While it’s encouraging to get kids out of the house and participating in outdoor activities, it’s also very likely that first aid safety will become an issue. Each year, more than 200,000 kids are treated

Heart Attacks: How they Differ in Men and Women

Most people are familiar with what heart attack symptoms look like. In movies or television it’s usually someone grabbing their chest and complaining about pain. Chest pain and tingling or numbness in the left arm. These have been the standard for heart attack symptoms but do those symptoms differ in men and women? The short answer is yes. Cardiovascular disease

First Aid Treatment for Dog/Animal Bites

It’s hard to imagine a world where our beloved pets would do us harm. Dogs are, after all, supposed to be our best friends and Fluffy wouldn’t hurt a fly. The problem is that dogs are still animals and they can cause us harm. Dog bites happen quite frequently; about 4.7 million Americans every year suffer from dog bites and

How to Handle a Medical Emergency

Dealing with medical emergencies is never fun. It can be scary and overwhelming. Where you are when the emergency happens will often dictate how you handle it. Understanding how to handle the situation before the emergency happens is always a great first step. Your confidence in dealing with both minor and major emergencies will reassure the injured person and help

Compressions Only Vs. CPR

We’ve all seen at least one TV show or movie where someone performs CPR and rescue breathing on a victim (usually incorrectly). It is important to know the difference between the two and which situations warrant which action. Compressions only and CPR are both used in situations where a victim is going into cardiac arrest. This situation poses an immediate