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A Guide to Renewing Your BLS Certification 

February 16, 2024

Basic Life Support training (BLS) provides medical professionals, hospital workers, and first responders with the tools they need to do their jobs. Because of its role in life-saving emergency procedures, it’s important to keep your BLS certification up to date. Typically, BLS certifications need to be renewed every two years by an AHA-certified instructor. 

Stay on Top of Your Expiration Date 

The BLS certification card provided when you finish your training will have your expiration date listed on the front of the card. If you don’t have a physical certification card, you can typically pull up your certification online. Some organizations allow a 30-day grace period after expiration, but it’s best to renew before the expiration date. Set a reminder to prevent a lapse in certification.  

Partner with a Reliable Instructor 

There are a lot of CPR and BLS instructors out there, and not all of them are sanctioned by the AHA. At Specialized Health and Safety, we offer on-site and blended BLS certification renewal courses taught by certified AHA instructors. We’ll even contact you six to eight weeks before your renewal date to set up a course time. 

Here’s a more detailed look at our BLS course options: 

American Heart BLS Course 

Our on-site BLS course is designed for healthcare professionals who prefer collaborative, concise instruction. Led by a certified BLS instructor, the course can be completed in about three and a half hours.  

American Heart Heartsaver Basic Life Support Blended Learning 

Our blended learning options allow students to take half of the class online, then finish the course material in person. Blended learning takes longer than in-person classes, but they’re easier to fit around busy work schedules.  

Complete the Course and Pass the Exam 

Your BLS certification renewal will include any updated training and an exam to complete the process. Our instructors ensure you have all the tools and knowledge at your fingertips to successfully pass the exam and receive your updated certification. We also provide group training so you can schedule a renewal for yourself and your coworkers at the same time.  

Other Course Options to Grow Your Skills 

Many of our courses build off each other and equip every student with lifesaving skills should an emergency arise in their personal life. Check out some of our other classes, including: 

  • Adult CPR, AED, and First Aid classes 
  • Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid classes 
  • SUID/ abusive head trauma classes 

We train individuals and organizations and will work with you to find a class format that fits into your lifestyle!   

Renew Your BLS Certification with Specialized Health and Safety 

At Specialized Health and Safety, our team is equipped to train you and your team in the latest BLS best practices. We cover serious topics in an approachable way and are ready to answer all your questions. We also stay current on guidelines from the American Heart Association so you can rest assured you’re getting the most up-to-date training possible. Our commitment to your professional development includes timely reminders and expert instructors who care about your success. 

 Contact us to find the right course for you!