Hands-Only CPR/AED course

The purpose of the Hands-Only CPR/AED course is to teach untrained bystanders how to perform hands-only CPR and use an AED. Having more bystanders trained in this simple skill can help save lives by putting more cardiac arrest victims within a few steps of lifesaving assistance.

There are no prerequisites or minimum age to participate in the Hands-Only CPR course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe when and how to perform hands-only CPR.
  • Demonstrate how to perform hands-only CPR.
  • Identify precautions to take when using an AED on a person in sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Demonstrate how to use an AED.

Each participant should receive a copy of the Hands-Only CPR/AED Ready Reference Sheet. The Ready Reference Sheet provides a step-by-step instructions with photographs for performing hands-only CPR and AED for use during and after the course.

Participants in this course will be able to simulate chest compressions using CPR manikin and an AED trainer. The instructor provides an easy way for participants to practice hands-only CPR and AED. Participants will get the opportunity to use and AED trainer. This AED trainer is a “non-shocking” replica of an AED. Being able to practice with an AED trainer gives you the best hands-on training without delivering an actual shock.

There is no certificate for the Hands-Only CPR/AED course.

This presentation gives you the tools and confidence needed as a bystander to lifesaver.

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