CPR Safety for Electrical Contractors

By now you know how valuable CPR and first aid training is. Even if you work in an office setting, the skills you learn are invaluable. You never know when you will need them in a public setting, like an airport or restaurant. One of those groups is electrical contractors. While electrical contractors aren’t working firsthand in the field, it’s

Heat Safety

It might be hard to believe that summer is right around the corner, especially because snow just fell in early May in Minnesota, but warmer temperatures are on the horizon. Young or old, it’s time to address heat safety so you can have an enjoyable summer and avoid heat exhaustion and a murderous sunburn a la The Hangover.   Know

Is Your Summer Camp Counselor CPR/First Aid Certified?

If you’re sending your kids off to summer camp this year, you’re probably hoping for a certain level of expertise from the camp counselors. You want to know that they have been counselors for years, that they’ve dealt with emergency situations, and that they have some sort of training. Of course, camp counselors are going to be pros at building

Pediatric CPR Training for Babysitters

In a recent pediatric CPR and first aid class we taught for daycare providers, there was a fifth grader in attendance. The reasoning? “I want an up on my competition.” As a babysitter in the community, it was a smart move and we couldn’t help but smile!   We all hope that we won’t have to deal with an emergency

Safety Lessons from The Office

If you love The Office as much as we do, you might remember the scene where Michael Scott demonstrates CPR. It turns into a sing-along mess, but one Arizona man recently credited the scene with helping him save a woman’s life! While the scene clearly seems to show what you shouldn’t do during CPR emergency, they do sing “Stayin’ Alive”

What to do in a Child Poisoning Emergency

Accidental poisoning in a child is something you never want to happen, but unfortunately it can. Children are curious creatures. Just think about the babies in Rugrats. Sure, it’s a cartoon, but they had epic adventures every day that went unnoticed by the parents. Children like to explore and they get into things all the time. Sometimes that means ingesting